Patricia Larkin Green

“as in life if you make a mistake, you must go on, you cannot cover it up…”

Patricia Larkin Green moved to Chicago in the 80s and founded OpenWall Chicago in 2011. Her sumi-e paintings have been recognized and awarded in China, and exhibited throughout the United States, Australia, Japan and China.

Her painting style has been labeled “fresh” with distinctive “flying brush strokes”.

Sumi-e involves a meditative process. It is impossible to correct the line once on paper. My hand betrays my inner state, requiring a balance of self-control and spontaneity. I distill my subject’s essence in my mind while grinding the ink. Every brush stroke must be full-charged with meaning, with useless detail eliminated. When I paint a flower I am freed from reproduction and inspired to convey its movement and fragrance.

My intent is to let each mark of my brush meet the paper as an extension of my state of mine. I am working inward as I paint outward.” Link here to visit Patricia’s website.


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