Monica Cardestam

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 09 30 55Monica Cardestam spent over 25 years in the business world at the Walgreen Company in various management roles in the field and at the corporate office.  In 2009, she took a separation package from work to spend more time raising her three children.

Although Monica enjoyed having more time to be a “soccer mom”, she decided that she needed a creative outlet and started taking art classes at Highland Park Art Center.  She was especially intrigued by a Sumi-e art class taught by instructor Kay Thomas with a catalog description of: “Paint subjects from nature using simple brush strokes.  Sumi-e is more than technique.  It is a spiritual journey.  The goal of the Sumi-e painter is to use the brush with both vitality and restraint.”   Since her first class with Kay Thomas where she enjoyed the Zen like approach to painting, Monica has branched out to explore other art techniques such as charcoal drawing and watercolor painting.  Monica has had her artwork displayed in a number of different venues including at the Northbrook YMCA Taste of Asia Festival, at Highland Park Community Center art shows, at the Gorton Center “Painting in the Asian Manner” show, at the Glenview Arts of Life “Square Foot” show, at Heller Nature Center, at the First Bank of Highland Park, and at the Highland Park art center.

Monica embraces the idea of the “Renaissance man”, or for her “Renaissance woman”, who is “a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas”.  We are never too old to find a new direction or creative outlet in our lives. Monica is a resident of Lake Forest, Illinois.

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