Honoring Kay Thomas

In June 2023 Kay Thomas was invited to be Guest of Honor at the 60th Annual Juried Art Show of the Sumi-e Society of America at the Chinese American Museum in Washington DC. Kay had attended the Society’s first show at the Nippon Club in New York City in 1963.

Kay began teaching Asian arts and crafts for both adults and children. There was so much interest that she established a branch of the National Sumi-e Society called Sumi-e Midwest. Last year was Sumi-e Midwest’s 40th anniversary. Kay is an active member of the group and currently serves as the Recording Secretary and Program Coordinator of Sumi-e Midwest.

Sumi-e Midwest joins the Sumi-e Society in America and the Highland Park Art Center, who honored Kay in May 2016, in honoring and thanking Kay for her dedication to this precious art form.

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