Activities and Meetings


Sumi-e Midwest generally hosts monthly meetings throughout the year which often include special guests, workshops, demonstrations, outings, lectures, or field trips. Meetings are open to all members.


Sumi-e Midwest members, Kay Thomas, Patricia Larkin Green, and Pam Martinez offer ongoing and/or special classes and demonstration in and around the Chicago area. Link below for class offerings, workshops, and information.

Painting Rabbits, February 17

On Friday, February 17, 12:30–2:30 p.m. we will gather together at the Glencoe Library in Glencoe to paint rabbits in celebration of the Chinese New Year, Year of the Rabbit.

Two-Day Workshop with Dongfeng Li

Two-Day Workshop, March 9–10, 2023
Sumi-e Midwest will host Dongfeng Li , a very accomplished Sumi-e and watercolor artist and teacher, Thursday, March 9, and Friday, March 10, 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. at Glencoe Union Church. Members are encouraged to contact Reggie through the Contact Page for more information.

Photo and Video Highlights from Past Meetings

At the October members of Sumi-e Midwest gathered for a demonstration by Korean artist, Mokwok Lim.

Linda, Yvonne, Steve, Artist Mokwok Lim, Reggie, Kay


During the Covid-19 shut down Sumi-e Midwest continued to meet. Although we always prefer to see each other in person, Zoom proved to be a welcome substitute when meeting in person wasn’t possible. 

May 2021: Milk Resist Technique with Kay Thomas
Written instructions for Milk Resist


April 2021: April Zoom Gathering

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Sumi-e Midwest Meeting in October
Yvonne Wolf sharing her aunt's paintings
Painting by Kay Thomas
Patricia Santucci sharing her painting
Painting by Steve Grant
Ileane Tater sharing her painting
Jan Keller Schultz sharing her painting
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